Welcome to HowsonCreative – a modest title if ever there was one.

Story-telling is at the heart of all I do. It is omnipresent when working in journalism, as a trainer/consultant, taking pictures, writing poetry and stories, running story telling workshops, or any other workshop for that matter. All these roles have involved me in travelling the world. I currently live in Istanbul.

Previously I lived in Ukraine, in Serbia, in Tanzania… Scarborough in UK… and all these places have been springboards for exploring the Middle East, the Former Soviet Union, the Caucasus, Africa and to some extent, Asia. And, of course, Europe. I have had many homes, but over the last 25 years I would say home has been a suitcase.

So much of what I do centres on story-telling. Sometimes that means using words, other times pictures. The story telling vehicle can morph from a page to a picture. That means a great deal of focus is about thinking who the stories are for.

Here is your chance to explore and see if you can find a story on this site that relates to you. That way you become part of the story of this website and all it represents.

Feel free to let me know your feelings, points of view, so they too can be added to the story of this space. Not all comments will make it, of course. Abusive ones will be deleted. All story-tellers need to control their platforms.

You will also find a blog here. I hope some of your comments will feed that, inspire it and help generate some new stories too.


Tony Howson